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One of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair is by using medical grade laser technology from Candela GentleLASE that offers permanent and safe hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal works by emitting a single concentrated light beam which is absorbed and transmitted by the pigment in the hair, converted into thermal energy and effectively stopping hair growth. The Laser also includes a Dynamic Cooling Devise that acts on the skin by counteracting the heat that is produced by the laser. In addition to this the laser beam allows to removal of many hair follicles all at once.

Before commencing Laser hair removal our experienced and trained professional will conduct an obligation free consultation. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions and understand the process. The treatments are safe and done over series of visits.

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Ipl Treatments

The use of IPL in non-surgical photo rejuvenation has revolutionised the beauty industry with its ability to deliver longlasting regenerative effects to clients of any age. Through the use of different light wavelengths we
are able to almost completely eliminate common age-related skin problems such as acne, pigmentation and vascular damage without the painful side-effects of surgery.

It is also effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture. IPL treatments are suitable for all clients who are concerned about the effects of aging.

IPL at different wavelengths (colour) has the ability to target specific skin problems, giving us the ability to treat common age-related blemishes without damaging the surrounding tissue. There are several treatments
that will leave you rejuvenated and feeling good about yourself:

Skin rejuvenation—by consultation
If you would like a radiant, younger-looking appearance, then this is the treatment for you! IPL sytems release precisely controlled strong pulses of filtered light that stimulate the fibroblast cells within the skin which produce collagen and elastin. This improves the irradiancy and tightness of the skin, controlling enlarged pores and giving a more uniform, clearer complexion. The result is an immediate transformation of the client’s skin.

Pigmentation—by consultation
The melanin in freckles, sun spots or liver spots absorbs the same strong pulses of filtered light that IPL treatments release. The pigmented area absorbs the light and is heated. Following treatment, the pigmented area turns darker and may crust. Over the following weeks this crusting will gradually flake away from the skin, leaving little trace of the original mark.

Vascular treatment—by consultation
IPL systems release precisely controlled pulses of light that blood vessels absorb Following treatment, the vessels quickly clear and are reabsorbed by the body, leaving your skin looking younger.

Acne  treatment—by consultation
The use of IPL positively affects acne, and the resultant scarring, by killing the acid bacillus bacteria that is the main cause of the acne. Most acne can be treated in 10 days, leaving little trace of the original blemish.

Non-­surgical  skin tightening (Radio frequency)—by consultation
Radio frequency (RF) energy treatment is a new and promising technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin. Ideal for those who either don’t want, or don’t believe they are old enough, to have a surgical procedure to resolve the onset of skin laxity.

RF waves are a safe, non-invasive way of tightening loose or lax skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line and jowls, and all other areas on the body.


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